Jane Powell

Jane PowellJane Powell moved to Cornwall in 2005. She gained a degree in sculpture at Canterbury School of Art and Design. She worked as a consultant in the design and publishing industry for over 25 years. Since then she has been concentrating on her own creative work and is currently developing a series of mixed media pieces which she calls her ‘Iconic Botanics’. These are made using acrylic and embroidery.

“I find the British landscape awe-inspiring. The Cornish landscape is incredibly rich visually – its patchwork vistas punctuated by granite relics of a bygone age; the evocative solitary cedars left behind by shipbuilders; the rugged, yet majestic, coastline. But I am particularly drawn to the detail of the landscape – namely the plants and wildflowers that are in abundance in Cornwall. For me, the form, structure, texture and colour of the plants are an intrinsic part of the landscape. As you can see, my focus at present is on plants: plants in their entirety, but also scrutinizing their component parts, such as seeds.

“It is all to do with the old adage ‘Looking but not seeing’. It is so easy to overlook the beauty of individual plants when one is faced with a Cornish hedgerow, for example. The life cycle of the plants through the seasons is fascinating; the resilience of seemingly fragile structures, no matter what Mother Nature throws at them, is absolutely amazing. My pictures are not intended to be botanical studies. They are a manifestation of my observations of plants as I walk my dog. They are my ‘homage’ to the common plant.

“I hope my work encourages people to take notice of these too-often unsung heroes of the natural world.”