August 2017

Jane Powell ArtFantastic Ferns

Wednesday 2nd August

In this workshop we will focus on the fantastic structure and form of ferns – from the unfurling bud stage through to the magnificent mature plants with their arching branches. The sinewy curls of the bud stage lend themselves to bold use of materials to create a three-dimensional form that is made from wire, fabric and decorative stitching. The elegance of the mature branches can be readily captured in flat stitch – but you will be encouraged to really experiment with different threads and yarns to capture different textures.

Fully booked. Contact Jane if you would like to be included on the waiting list for a 2nd session.  email to book


Dandelion Clocks & Alliums

Friday 11th August

Due to popular demand, this Workshop combines Dandelions and Alliums.                                       Essentially, the techniques used to create a Clock and a stitched Allium are the same- but, by using completely different types of thread and yarn, one can capture the essence of these gorgeous ‘globes’ very easily. The Dandelion will be stitched flat and can be applied to lots of different surfaces. As an alternative, you might like to create a 3D allium which can be presented in a vase.


7 places available.  email to book


Daisy! Daisy!

Wednesday 16th August

In this one-day workshop, we will look at echinaceas and gerberas. The techniques to capture these gorgeous flowers are basically the same, but the ‘cone’ of the echinacea is much simpler than the ‘capitulum and tufted florets’ of the gerbera – both of which are stitched in embroidery thread. The petals are created in silk ribbon stitched directly through an artist’s canvas. (NB Because of time limits, you will need to bring a pre-painted canvas with you – or you can purchase a plain, black canvas from me on the day.)

Fully booked. Contact Jane if you would like to be included on the waiting list for the next session.  
email to book


Lilies of the Nile

Wednesday 23rd August Cancelled

In this workshop we shall be celebrating the iconic Agapanthus. The tall arching stems with blue, white or sometimes mauve flower heads are synonymous with Cornwall and the Scillies.

We will create a free-standing stem which can be displayed in a vase or fixed to a canvas. It will involve very little stitching but a lot of wrapping!

Being rescheduled for later in the year.  email to book