January 2017

Jane Powell ArtWinter Wonders

11th & 18th January

I am constantly in awe of nature! During the harshest of winter weather, some of our most fragile plants survive – I am thinking, in particular, Winter Pansies and Miniature Cyclamen. How can those delicate petals survive freezing temperatures, wind, frost and snow? But they do. In this workshop we are going celebrate these wonderous plants in gloriously coloured silk ribbon, thread and wire. We shall also look at their flowerbed-fellows: frozen and frosty skeletons of seed and flowerheads using textured yarns, threads and beads. In this session, we will aim to create several plants which can be presented on an artist’s canvas or a fabric base – either together or individually.

These two sessions are fully booked. Contact Jane if you would like to be put on the waiting list for a 3rd session (date to be agreed).

Jane Powell ArtEver So Humble Umbellifers

25th January

The focus of this one-day workshop is to capture the essence of a ‘globular’ angelica, a flat-topped cow parsley or, the more delicate, fennel in yarn and thread. We will explore the form, structure and texture of the plants and, working with wire, thread and yarn, you will create a life-size, 3D plant that can, for example, be fixed to a painted canvas, a fabric/quilted background, or anything else that you choose.

Fully booked. Contact Jane if you wish to be added to the waiting list for a 2nd session.