November 2017

Jane Powell ArtA Cornucopia of Cones

1st November

Cones are one of nature’s fantastic creations! The shape, pattern, texture and colour of these seed carriers lend themselves to lots of experimentation with three-dimensional forms using different techniques and materials. This workshop will involve modelling, stitching, glueing and burning!

1 place available.  email to book



Time to get Passionate!

Wednesday 8th November

The Passionflower is the most extraordinary plant! It has an amazing, and actually really quite bizarre, structure and the colours are sensational! This workshop is fundamentally a stitch-based session with some three-dimensional wirework and possibly feather work thrown in!  You will have the option to create a single flowerhead with stem and tendrils presented on a small pre-painted canvas (you to supply) or a free-standing stem with flowers, leaves and tendrils.

2 places available. email to book


Jane Powell ArtGone to Seed

Wednesday 15th November

We spend so much time celebrating plants and flowers when they are in bloom – but their autumn/winter forms can be just as spectacular! Seed heads are, by their very nature, structured forms, architectural and often highly textured. In this one-day workshop, we will explore in stitch some of the distinctive plants of winter such as umbellifers, honesty and grasses. We will also look at the richly textured and coloured landscape that the plants create ‘en masse’. Think ‘tufts’, ‘spikes’, ‘clusters’ and ‘cushions’ in different threads and yarns against a fabric backdrop.

Fully booked. Contact Jane if you would like to be placed on the waiting list for a 2nd session.  email to book